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Establish a Preeminent Arts and Culture Destination

What are Guiding Principles?


The vision statement is supported by eight “guiding principles” that together represent a unified picture of what Trenton will look like and how Trenton will achieve the vision. On a very basic level, the guiding principles are an expression of the values of residents and stakeholders. 

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Trenton will be a place where a culture of creativity attracts people and businesses.

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“to expand on diversity through arts, culture and history by empowering everyone and excluding no one.” (Stakeholder Meeting)

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“Trenton will be a place full of art and beauty” (Art All Night)

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“#TrentonWillBe a place where the arts will be celebrated! #music #literature #reading #poetry #culinary” (Twitter)

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“so much to do: arts, history, recreation, and business” (Ward Meeting)
In 2014:  Trenton is the hub of an under-the-radar music and visual arts scene which is supported by strong institutions.  Manufacturing and industrial production are closely linked to the arts in Trenton and continue to be important activities that help define what it means to live in the City.  The burgeoning arts community is complemented by a diversity of cultures from around the world. Many see this rich mix of arts and culture as an opportunity to distinguish Trenton from its neighbors, spur economic development, and build a positive image for Trenton. Nonetheless, the relative absence of on-going arts and culture programming, lack of opportunities for youth, and a need for more spaces for artists to work are seen as major obstacles. 
In 2042: Trenton will be a City known for using fine arts, industrial arts, niche manufacturing, history, and cultural heritage to expand social and economic opportunities. The City will proactively recruit and retain cultural institutions and arts groups that will provide opportunities for residents, inspiration for visitors, and support for aspiring local artists. As a result, creative-oriented businesses will cluster in the City, helping to build a culture of innovation. Unique neighborhoods that are anchored by strong cultural institutions and historic architecture will attract talented and diverse residents. The City, County, and State - in partnership with a variety of for-profit, not-for-profit, and philanthropic stakeholders - will support these efforts by working collaboratively to help grow and sustain this vibrant sector, ensuring the result is expanded arts and culture opportunities for all Trentonians.

Goals that support this Guiding Principle

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