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Topic Reports

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Topic Reports

The core recommendations for the Master Plan are organized in “Topic Reports”, commonly called Elements of the Master Plan. These reports take a particular perspective on trying to achieve the Vision and enact the Guiding Principles. They contain a background section that summarizes the issues and opportunities relevant to that topic. The reports then enumerate a series of goals, initiatives, and actions that the City should implement to achieve the Vision. Links to all the reports can be found under Topic Reports on the drop-down menu. 


The following terminology is helpful for understanding the Master Plan:
  • Action: An individual policy, project, program, partnership, study, or advocacy position that the City and the community must execute to support an initiative to achieve a goal (e.g. Green Infrastructure Program, Assunpink Greenway Daylighting Project, or an Anti-Litter Campaign)

  • Initiative: A collection of Actions (see above) to achieve a desired goal (e.g. Reduce Water Pollution and Enhance the Natural Environment).

Priority Investment Neighborhoods

Trenton’s community-driven plan to create, “A Premier Economic and Cultural Center Built on Arts, Industry, and Education” is ambitious. Implementation will require sustained long-term commitment. Moreover, the vision must be reconciled with the reality that the City and its partners have limited resources: all initiatives cannot be executed in all locations immediately.
To address this, the City has identified six neighborhoods throughout the City where neighborhood efforts should be concentrated to have the greatest impact. These areas, also known as “Priority Investment Neighborhoods”, are likely to see the fastest revitalization while catalyzing improvements in surrounding areas. Although this framework is laid out in greater detail in the Housing Report (see Develop Housing Toolkit & Implement Prioritized Investment Framework Initiative), the intent is for the city to prioritize its neighborhood investment - whether housing, economic development, circulation, environment, or education – in these areas. (See Priority Investment Framework Map for more details which neighborhoods have been identified for priority investment)

Long-Term Catalytic Project Areas

In addition to these strategic neighborhood investments, the City must continue to work diligently on long-term catalytic projects such as creating a Trenton Transit Center Transit-Oriented Development, Reclaiming and Redeveloping the Waterfront, and encouraging more active use of the Sun Center. These efforts are not likely to see year-to-year improvements, and the payoff for investments in these projects may not be realized for a number of years. Nonetheless, this is the benefit of long-range planning: it allows the City to see the long-term benefits of consistent investment in projects, even if they are unlikely to yield short-term results.

District Plans

Those interested in understanding how the recommendations made in the Topic-Focused Reports should be implemented “on the ground” should consult the District Plans. The Plans do not provide any additional initiatives or actions but instead provide insight on where those recommendations might best be implemented.