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Cultivate A Healthy City

What are Guiding Principles?


The vision statement is supported by eight “guiding principles” that together represent a unified picture of what Trenton will look like and how Trenton will achieve the vision. On a very basic level, the guiding principles are an expression of the values of residents and stakeholders. 

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Trenton will be a clean city where there is access to natural resources, fresh foods, and high-quality healthcare facilities. 

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“build a sustainable city: green infrastructure, walkability, alternative transportation, encouraging innovation” (Ward Meeting)


“Trenton will be... an urban agricultural meca” (Art All Night)

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“Trenton should be a clean city. Remediate environmental brownfields to facilitate equity between communities.” (Ward Meeting)

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“Attention to green space, river access and river views. Improve scenic drives and walking.” (Ward Meeting)
In 2014:  A healthy physical environment and a healthy population are strongly linked. The physical cleanliness of streets, public spaces, and recreational amenities in Trenton is a major issue that prevents them from being used. At the same time, changing demographics are altering the open space demands of residents and complicating the ability of the City to continue to meet the city’s recreational needs. Unfortunately, the City must address these issues at the same time it copes with the environmental impact of its industrial past and the possibility of future climate change, both of which pose serious threats to the health of residents. 
In 2042: Trentonians will have the opportunity to live a healthy life in a healthy environment. They will have access to locally grown fresh foods and opportunities for urban gardening. The city will be home to high-quality healthcare facilities that serve residents and the surrounding community while providing opportunities for health literacy and learning. 
Public spaces will be safe, well designed, and maintained. Trenton will have capitalized on its wealth of built and natural amenities — including the waterfront — to re-establish a network of public spaces that reinforce Trenton’s historic and urban character.  This network will ensure residents and visitors have a diverse array of active recreation opportunities where they can walk, bicycle, and play. 
The City will have taken significant steps to adapt to a changing climate and address the environmental impacts of its industrial past. The city will promote green infrastructure, sustainable building practices, walkable neighborhoods, and multi-modal transportation options, among others. Equally important, there will be a continuing effort to remediate brownfield sites and return those lands to productive use. 

Goals that support this Guiding Principle

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