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Trenton Artwalk and Assunpink Daylighting

Two virtual public presentations, on the Trenton Artwalk and the Assunpink Daylighting,  will take place at the City of Trenton Planning Board meeting this Thursday, Feb. 25. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. To log onto the virtual meeting go to and follow the instructions for virtual meeting access. Public comment is welcomed.


Lauren Otis, Executive Director of Artworks, will give a brief presentation on the proposed Artwalk along the pedestrian route between the Trenton Transit Center and downtown Trenton. The presentation will show current conditions along the route, specifically along Market Street at the Route 1/129 underpass, and how the installation of public art will improve safety and the overall experience for pedestrians and cyclists taking this route. Plans for a first phase mural and light installation at the Route 1/129 underpass will be detailed, with examples shown of similar art projects in other cities.


J.R. Capasso, Brownfields Coordinator for the City, will present on the Assunpink Daylighting, a project to remove a culvert over the Assunpink Creek in order to restore migratory fish habitat, to improve overall stream ecology, and to enhance urban recreational opportunities. There may be opportunities to discuss other current brownfields projects as well.

2019 06 03 proposed location map cropped

2019 06 03 proposed location map cropped