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North Clinton Redevelopment Plan Amendment

The Trenton Department of Housing and Economic Development is proposing an amendment to the North Clinton Redevelopment Area Plan to allow cultural facilities as a permitted use, accessory parking as an accessory use, and provide a definition of cultural facilities within the Redevelopment Plan. This amendment will enable the rehabilitation of an existing vacant residence adjacent to the historic Locust Hill Cemetery into a small museum and public space that educates people of the role of African Americans and other people of color in military conflicts throughout American history. The Planning Board will consider this amendment for consistency with the Trenton250 Master Plan and make a recommendation to City Council on whether to adopt the amendment. The Planning Board meeting to review this amendment will be on June 24th at 6pm. Login information for the meeting is available here.


The  proposed amended plan can be viewed here.

The proposed City Council ordinance to adopt the amendment can be viewed here.



n clinton map1024 1

n clinton map1024 1