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RiverLINE Stations Transit Oriented Development Initiatives

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Trenton must also take advantage of transit-oriented development (TOD) opportunities at the Hamilton Avenue station and Cass Street station, both of which are served by NJ Transit's RiverLINE service. These stops provide continuous service to South Jersey towns between Trenton and Camden. Furthermore, they provide easy access to the Trenton Transit Center, which provides service to the entire northeast. As a result, residents who live near these stations have a one-transfer access to New York, Philadelphia, Camden, and the rest of the northeast.
In addition, if the RiverLINE is further extended to West Trenton and the Trenton-Mercer Airport, these stations will become ideal locations for new residential and commercial development. If the Bus Rapid Transit service is extended to the Transit Center, these stations will provide nearby residents quick access to job centers along the US Route 1 corridor.
The first step in developing these stations as a TOD will be to undertake a RiverLINE TOD Strategic Plan that will allow the City to evaluate issues and opportunities and make recommendations on how the City can facilitate development in the area.

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