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Protect and Maintain Trenton’s Supply of Affordable Housing

 What is an Initiative?


An Initiative is a coordinated effort designed to achieve a Goal. Initiatives contain Actions that, when executed together, will help the City achieve one or more of its Goals.

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The City has identified 8,282 affordable units in the City of Trenton, or 24% of the city’s housing stock. Within the context of both city-wide and geography-specific housing initiatives, Trenton’s quantity (but not necessarily proportion) of affordable housing should be preserved. Preserving the quantity of affordable housing will help ensure that housing is available to all residents regardless of income while preventing the City of Trenton from being obligated to supply a disproportionately high amount of affordable housing compared to its neighboring municipalities.
The City should work aggressively to minimize displacement of both renters and homeowners resulting from efforts to improve the condition of the housing stock and make Trenton a choice location for residency. At the same time, it must account for and improve the condition of Trenton’s existing deed-restricted affordable housing units while encouraging the construction of new low-cost market-rate units in strategic areas of the city. This can be done from both a government and non-government entities. As such, the City should support and encourage voluntary, philanthropic, and non-profit programs that assist Trenton residents in the upkeep of their homes and properties. Going forward, the City should continue to monitor its affordable housing situation through its Five-Year Consolidated Plan.