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Physically Connect Arts and Culture Assets

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In order to successfully make Trenton a destination for history, art, and culture, its arts and culture assets must be connected physically to encourage increased visitation. Visitors should - to the greatest extent possible - understand that they are entering into “districts” and/or are following “paths” that connect arts, cultural, and historical assets.
Wayfinding efforts should consider reinforcing the historical “triangle” in downtown, which contains many of Trenton's major Revolutionary-era historical sites. The City should also create a “Historic Corridor” along Warren Street from the Battle Monument past State St. and down brick-topped Front Street to the Old Barracks. Obtaining State and/or National Historical Park designation, with suitable requirements on private property owners along the route, would ensure that the private realm maintains historically compatible standards.
As part of the Legibility Study, the City should evaluate the notion of returning Broad and Warren Street to their pre-colonial names: Queen and King Street, respectively. Broad and Warren are major urban arterials and changing their name is likely to cause some confusion. Nonetheless, changing their names would be an excellent way to brand this historic area. The city should also consider placement of historic markers and informational signage at the exit points from the Delaware and Raritan Canal Park path, as well as other trails in the bicycle-pedestrian network that lead to Trenton’s historic sites.

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