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Nurture a City-Based Industrial Workforce to Attract Industry

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An Initiative is a coordinated effort designed to achieve a Goal. Initiatives contain Actions that, when executed together, will help the City achieve one or more of its Goals.

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With its manufacturing legacy, Trenton's industrial workforce remains relatively strong in several parts of the city. To achieve the goal of having a strong, diverse, and sustainable economy with a broad range of employment opportunities while attracting new business development to the city, Trenton should nurture a city-based industrial workforce that aligns and responds to current and future manufacturing skill demands. Implementation of this initiative should focus on fostering partnerships and connections between government agencies, businesses, and educators to match needs with training. As such, the City should include industrial businesses in the Workforce Task Force to ensure that manufacturing is a viable career path for Trenton residents. Including them will help the City and its education partners to work with manufacturers to assess Trenton's workforce needs.
The City should also be working with prospective employees to ensure they are aware of the job opportunities that fit their skills. As a result, this initiative is closely connected to the Job and Career Pathways Initiative identified in the Education and Workforce Development Report. This will include supporting training and educational programs that match skill development with local business needs while recruiting businesses that match Trenton’s workforce skills.

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