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Manage the Safe Movement of Freight and Goods

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An Initiative is a coordinated effort designed to achieve a Goal. Initiatives contain Actions that, when executed together, will help the City achieve one or more of its Goals.

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The City of Trenton should attempt to manage truck circulation to avoid negative impacts on residential streets. Trentonians are concerned about truck circulation on local roads. The highway network lacks complete interchanges causing truck traffic to use local roadways to traverse the City. The City should work with NJDOT to complete interchange movements wherever possible.
To remove trucks from local roads in South Trenton, the City should petition NJDOT about removing the truck ban on the NJ Route 29 tunnel. As trucks approach the city on NJ Route 29, they are directed to use NJ Route 129 instead of 29, due to a 13-ton truck ban in the NJ Route 29 tunnel. Continued movement is restricted as northbound NJ Route 129 does not have a direct connection to southbound US Route 1, or southbound NJ Route 129 to reach northbound NJ Route 29. Removing the tunnel restriction could move truck circulation off of local roads.
The interchange of US Route 1 and NJ Route 129 with Market Street could be improved by completing the missing highway movements as part of the Market Street Corridor Project. In North Trenton, the city should consider additional roadway network and a new interchange with US Route 1 at Oak Street, to improve truck circulation to the industrial area. With a new interchange, this location has the potential to be a significant freight center in the region.
Loading and delivery have increased in importance as more goods are being delivered directly to customers – a trend that is expected to increase. The City of Trenton should develop a plan to incorporate loading zones near businesses to ease delivery and prevent circulation blockage. Some of this work may be accomplished as part of the Downtown Parking Management Plan.

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