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Improve Network Connectivity Initiative

What is an Initiative?


An Initiative is a coordinated effort designed to achieve a Goal. Initiatives contain Actions that, when executed together, will help the City achieve one or more of its Goals.

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The City of Trenton should enhance connectivity by adding alternate routes of travel. The first step in accomplishing this initiative is completing an Improve Network Connectivity Study. The study would evaluate opportunities to add parallel roadways to alleviate congestion by providing additional circulation options. In addition to studying the impacts on the transportation network, the City should consider development or redevelopment opportunities adjacent to proposed roadways. Through this Master Planning Process, the following opportunities were identified but will need further study to determine preferred alternatives, impacts, costs, funding opportunities, and priorities:
  • Assunpink Creek Parkway

  • Calhoun Street Extension

  • Connections across Delaware and Bound Brook Rail

  • Market Street Corridor

  • Oak Street Corridor Project in North Trenton

In addition to the above-noted connections, the Three Bridges adjacent to the Train Station (Chestnut, East State and Monmouth Street) are in need of replacement. In recent discussions, NJDOT has proposed to eliminate both the Monmouth Street and Chestnut Ave bridges to reduce costs further. All three of these bridges are critical to circulation adjacent to the Transit Station, and the City should advocate for all three to be repaired or replaced.
The City of Trenton should undertake a project to make Market Street a central north-south travel corridor for all modes from the Delaware River through the Transit Center to State Street. Extending Market Street northward to State Street, and giving the Trenton Transit Center a Market Street address, will enhance the prominence of this corridor. Moreover, extending this corridor as far north as Olden Avenue will connect the proposed Assunpink Creek Park to the Waterfront and create a strong north-south connection in Trenton. (See Market Street Corridor Below)

market street corridor 05

market street corridor 05

Finally, the City must continue to advocate for the Waterfront Reclamation and Redevelopment Project that would turn NJ Route 29 from a limited access highway into a boulevard. The current NJ Route 29 would be re-designed as an urban boulevard that will move traffic efficiently, but at lower, safer speeds and allow the City to better connect to its the Waterfront.

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