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First-Step Renter & Homeowner Assistance Initiative

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Of critical concern is the fact that some landlords are not investing in their properties and maintaining them to standards required by the city code. When they do make improvements, work is often substandard and dangerous. Renters who live in these properties are often susceptible to illegal evictions and other violations of their rights. A Landlord Registration Ordinance would require all owners of residential rental properties to obtain a license for a fee depending on the type of property, which must be renewed each year. This information should be fed into the Property Management Database so that problem landlords can be identified. Those landlords will then be inspected more frequently by the Division of Housing Inspections and be required to participate in the Landlord Technical Assistance Program and/or fined.
At the same time an Annual Housing Workshop would educate landlords on required codes, regulations, and standards, such as the Landlord Registration Ordinance, and inform tenants of their rights as renters. Moreover, the workshop would be a forum to provide owner-occupiers information about home improvement programs and give prospective homebuyers credit and housing counseling.

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