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Encourage opportunities for lifelong learning for residents of all ages

What is an Initiative?


An Initiative is a coordinated effort designed to achieve a Goal. Initiatives contain Actions that, when executed together, will help the City achieve one or more of its Goals.

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Trenton can build an even more vibrant community by leveraging the City’s rich history and cultural diversity to foster opportunities for personal enrichment among its residents. Formal enrichment opportunities such as adult learning seminars, lectures, and arts and cultural programming can mix with more informal activities like utilizing improved internet connectivity to access videos, articles, and tools available from around the world.
The City should work with local residents and stakeholders to understand and then establish activities in each Ward that would promote cultural awareness and interaction among residents in different neighborhoods. Activities may include farmer’s markets, cultural awareness days/weeks, or arts festivals. This effort can be supported by improved public libraries and the City should develop a long-term plan for the shuttered public libraries. Moreover, expanding and leveraging a Community Schools program to offer community-run programming for adults such as arts, cooking classes, dance/yoga classes, and language courses could help increase lifelong learning opportunities throughout the City. The creation of the Community Facilities Report will help the City identify which city-owned assets are able to best support these efforts.
Finally, the City should investigate the establishment of a shared "makerspace" near the Transit Center area that would include collaborative and knowledge sharing workspace for startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and community makers, as well as classroom and lecture space for satellite programs offered by regional colleges and universities. This would leverage many of the workforce development initiatives identified in this Report, as well as initiatives to support transit-oriented development that are identified in the Economic Development, Housing, and Circulation Reports.

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