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Encourage Further Consolidating and Concentration of State Offices Downtown

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As the largest employment sector in the city, Trenton’s state government workforce is a key component of the downtown economy and an important part of its growth potential. While recognizing the opportunity to redevelop the abundance of surface parking lots serving the state office buildings, the future of Trenton depends, in part, on these offices and workers remaining downtown without expanding its non-ratable footprint. State employees are downtown customers and potential future residents who will further expand the downtown market for goods and services. This growth will encourage additional private investment in the downtown office market, leading to additional employment opportunities. Therefore, it is critical that the City make strides to ensure this workforce remain and grow in downtown Trenton. In September 2016, Governor Christie announced that the state plans to demolish the offices for the Departments of Health, Agriculture, and Taxation and relocate them to new buildings downtown. This will create opportunities for new downtown private investment in the former location of the Taxation Building.

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