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Capitalize on Trenton's Relatively Inexpensive Energy Resources and Water Capacity

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PSE&G provides reliable energy at highly competitive prices relative to energy suppliers in other regions of the Northeast. At the same time, Trenton's access to the Delaware River and the Delaware and Raritan Canal uniquely positions the city to take advantage of a freshwater supply. In addition, the infrastructure to use the D&R Canal for power production remains intact but non-operational. There remains the possibility to use the canal system to produce power. Therefore, Trenton could be considered an attractive location for industries with high energy and water needs. To capitalize on its energy and water resources, Trenton must market these advantages to industries outside of the region. This may include marketing Duck Island as a traditional working waterfront for water-dependent uses. Moreover, the City should write the Trenton250 Utilities Report and continue to pursue funding and advice through the Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP).

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