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Overall Housing

What is a Goal?


A Goal is an ideal future condition that describes how Trenton should be in 2042. Goals are shaped by the Guiding Principles. Together the Goals help the City achieve its community-driven Vision.

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Trenton will provide a variety of quality for-sale and rental options for households of all types and residents at all income levels



This Housing goal is based on the Trenton250 Issues and Opportunities Report, which compiled information from residents, previous plans, stakeholder interviews, and existing conditions analysis conducted by the City and its consultant team. In addition, the following previous plans and studies were reviewed:

  • 1999 Land Use Plan
  • 2008 Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy
  • Canal Banks Homeownership Zone Plan
  • Capital City Renaissance Plan (1989)
  • Downtown Capital District Master Plan
  • DVRPC Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
  • Trenton Five Year Consolidated Plan for USHUD
  • Historic Preservation Plan
  • NJ Transit – Transit Friendly Plan for Trenton Train Station Area
  • North 25 Park – Battle Monument Neighborhood Plan
  • Redevelopment Area Plans
  • Trenton Train Station Redevelopment Area – Station Area Analysis

Of particular importance to this Report was a comprehensive inventory of vacant and abandoned buildings that was recently prepared by the City in conjunction with Isles. Shortly thereafter, New Jersey Community Capital completed a neighborhood conditions study, Laying the Foundations for Strong Neighborhoods, which contains valuable data on housing market conditions. Together, these two datasets are valuable tools that can be leveraged to make more informed decisions about housing policy. 



The City must begin its housing efforts by developing a set of core policies and programs. These initiatives build a foundation for neighborhood level work, as well as city-wide initiatives that focus on affordable housing and historic homes.

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