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Neighborhood Commercial Development

What is a Goal?


A Goal is an ideal future condition that describes how Trenton should be in 2042. Goals are shaped by the Guiding Principles. Together the Goals help the City achieve its community-driven Vision.

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Trenton will have vibrant neighborhood business districts


A third major facet of Trenton’s economy is the neighborhood-level service economy that meets the needs of residents near their homes. It is in these locations that entrepreneurs and ethnic small businesses have an opportunity to flourish with the right assistance. However, Trenton's neighborhoods experience a variety of challenges impacting economic development. The Housing Report addresses the numerous housing impediments facing many of Trenton's neighborhoods; however, there are obstacles to the commercial realm that impact the neighborhoods as well. Specifically, there are a lack of resources and support to encourage the growth of retail and service amenities in neighborhoods. As a result, shortages in retail options exist in many categories throughout the city's neighborhoods, particularly in the West Ward. There, a significant lack of retail exists in almost every major category, including general merchandise, food service, clothing and accessories, and health and personal care. This area is also located farthest from shopping options outside the city and therefore should experience the least competition. The North and East Wards are also underserved but to a lesser degree than the West Ward, and have several similar opportunities for additional retail stores.

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