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Market-Rate Housing

What is a Goal?


A Goal is an ideal future condition that describes how Trenton should be in 2042. Goals are shaped by the Guiding Principles. Together the Goals help the City achieve its community-driven Vision.

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Trenton will have a strong housing market and will be perceived as a choice location for residency


Combined, this weak market discourages people with higher spending power to live in Trenton. Very little quality market-rate housing exists in the city. Furthermore, Trenton's housing stock in many neighborhoods does not appeal to middle and upper-income people due to its quality, size, location, and features. Quality housing that does exist, particularly for-sale housing, is limited to a few specific neighborhoods, creating a short supply. Qualified prospective homeowners are scarce as well.

Rental housing in Trenton is in poorer condition than owner-occupied housing and far more predominant, often located in concentrations that lead to deteriorated neighborhoods. Safety is a concern in these areas as well, which can lead to further property value decline and abandonment as well as a reluctance to invest in market-rate housing. Furthermore, the City lacks the capacity to inspect properties and enforce their proper maintenance to help improve these conditions.

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