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Lifelong Learning

What is a Goal?


Goal is an ideal future condition that describes how Trenton should be in 2042. Goals are shaped by the Guiding Principles. Together the Goals help the City achieve its community-driven Vision.

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Trenton will provide residents of all ages with opportunities for lifelong learning and personal enrichment


Trenton is home to many organizations and entrepreneurial businesses that offer a range of programming that can advance personal enrichment for Trentonians. These programs provide residents with multiple opportunities for advancement in academics, health, physical activity, social services, youth development, extracurricular learning, social opportunities, and community development. Advancing and leveraging community facilities and schools as hubs of personal enrichment throughout Trenton’s communities will allow easy access to lifelong learning for all ages. Nonetheless, budget cuts have resulted in a reduction of programming at community facilities, as well as the closure of a number of Trenton’s libraries. By partnering with community organizations and businesses, the City can overcome the gap in funding for services. Moreover, many residents do not have consistent and reliable access to the internet as a source of information in their homes. As a result, residents may not have access to the means for personal enrichment necessary for the creation of a strong economic and cultural hub.



Encouraging learning opportunities for residents of all ages will allow residents to drive their own education and will support many of the community-driven guiding principles. More robust opportunities for personal enrichment will not only allow Trentonians to equip themselves to find new jobs or entrepreneurial opportunities, but will also encourage more arts and cultural activities, and make Trenton’s downtown and neighborhoods more attractive to residents.

To support these learning opportunities, the City of Trenton and its community partners must work diligently to provide universal access to the Internet. High-speed internet access is no longer a luxury, it is a basic utility. Access to the internet will support younger residents’ education[1], allow working age residents to find quality work and be well-informed, and increase access to online support for lifelong learners.


[1] According to “The Impact of Broadband on Education,” a report commissioned by the US Chamber of Commerce, broadband “is positioned to serve as an essential vehicle for delivering content and tools that can be used to spur student engagement, enhance learning outcomes, facilitate collaboration and innovation among educators, and enable cost savings in the administration of education.”

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