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Make Trenton Easy to Understand and Navigate

What is an Initiative?


An Initiative is a coordinated effort designed to achieve a Goal. Initiatives contain Actions that, when executed together, will help the City achieve one or more of its Goals.

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City-Wide Efforts

Downtown redevelopment and major road infrastructure projects have destroyed much of Trenton’s traditional urban fabric. The street pattern is a composition of competing grids and radial routes approaching from all directions which can be confusing to visitors. The first step in addressing this issues is undertaking a Legibility Study (see Legibility Study) to assess current issues and opportunities across the City. However, it is clear that without a comprehensive and easy-to-understand wayfinding system, entering Trenton will continue to be very confusing, which leads people to avoid the City and/or not explore it more fully. At the same time, residents and visitors have noted that the bus system is confusing in Trenton. Making a Capital City Regional Transit Map more available would ensure that residents and visitors have a strong understanding of the network of transit options.

The Waterfront Reclamation and Redevelopment Project

On a larger scale, the Waterfront Reclamation and Redevelopment Project (also known as the NJ Route 29 Boulevard Project) offers a major opportunity to reconstitute a grid downtown and better connect the waterfront to the City’s core. With a more organized waterfront in the downtown, those entering the City off of NJ Route 29 are likely to be better oriented and have a clearer understanding of how to navigate the City. For more information on this effort, see the corresponding Initiative under Land-Use and Transportation Connection in this Report as well as in the Economic Development and Housing Reports.

Market Street Corridor

Efforts to improve understanding and navigation will be aided by re-establishing Market Street as a central travel corridor for all modes. Extending Market Street to State Street, and giving the Trenton Transit Center a Market Street address, will enhance the prominence of this corridor. Market Street should be emphasized as the most direct connection to the waterfront.
In conjunction with this effort, the City should make improvements at the US Route 1 and Market Street interchange. These improvements will serve as gateways to those entering and leaving the City and allow visitors to quickly establish their bearings. Moreover, they will make the area significantly safer for pedestrians. (See Market Street Corridor Below)

market street corridor 05

market street corridor 05
This momentum should be carried further north of E. State Street along the Assunpink Creek Greenway and the Rush Crossing Homes to better connect neighborhoods from the North to the Transit Center and the waterfront. Extensions to Oak Street, including a new interchange with US Route 1 and possible BRT stops could stimulate industrial redevelopment in North Trenton and offer an east/west alternative to Olden Avenue (See Market Street Corridor North Below)

market street connector north 04

market street connector north 04

This initiative is closely related to the Improve Network Connectivity Initiative: by adding additional connections and improving connectivity, the City will be easier to understand and navigate. As such, work on these two initiatives should be closely coordinated.

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