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Interview: Vertulie Massenat

On March 24th, Trenton250 sat down with Vertulie Massenat, a Trenton Resident and member of the Trenton250 Steering Committee to get her feedback on land use in Trenton and her resident experience.  In Vertulie’s opinion, Trenton is “already on the map,” as we are New Jersey’s capital. Rather than focusing on putting Trenton “on the map”,  Trentonians need to change the discussion to how to demonstrate what is already here and display “…what makes Trenton the place people come back to.”  Vertulie grew up in Trenton and presently lives in the Wilbur section.  She remained in the City to raise her children for reasons that are often cited when you ask residents about why they live in the City: the love of Trenton, the great people, and a safety net of strong community ties.
We wanted to talk to her a little more about what she sees are the opportunities for Trenton in Phase II of Trenton250.  A summary of her responses are:
  • Trenton’s population is very diverse. Trenton250 has the unique opportunity to adapt land use to accommodate the residents’ unique leisure time activities. For instance, as many of the residents play soccer, the City should look for ways to create spaces for more soccer fields.
  • While Trenton has many assets, they are often buried under cosmetic nuisances that can be easily fixed.  Trenton250 can help the City create ways to deal with infrastructure repairs, such as potholes, and other beatification initiatives.
  • In order to truly feel the lasting impact of the land use recommendations that will be proposed in Trenton250, the City must leverage partnerships with the county, state and federal government to invest in the citizens and businesses already in Trenton.
Overall, the meeting with Vertulie was inspiring. She truly believes that Trenton250 has the opportunity to help bring various communities together, breakdown cultural boundaries and unite all Trentonians around creating a solid foundation for the brighter future of the City!
Over the next few months, we’ll be sitting down with stakeholders, including residents and business owners, throughout Trenton gather input for Phase II. We want to hear YOUR thoughts!